What is so special about Malta’s city Bugibba. Why people must visit this city?

What is so special about Malta’s city Bugibba. Why people must visit this city?

Boogie is a part of the region of Saint Pauls Bay. It is present on the northern coast of Malta. Every tourist guide tends to refer to Bugibba in a different manner. Some refer to it as his own; some call it a Northern district of Saint Paul’s Bay, while others call it a village. If you are anywhere between the salt pan regions of Qawra and Gillieru harbour, there is a very high chance that you are standing in Bugibba.

Why should you visit Bugibba?

Malta has many places for tourists to visit. Between the entertainment options and the historical landmarks, there is most often a very small time gap when people get bored. The only problem with so many tourist attractions is that most of these places are almost always overcrowded with tourists. Thus, if you want to visit a quiet place that tells you all you need to know about Malta, you should Go to Bugibba. Wondering how to get to Bugibba from the airport? Check out https://www.cool.mt/routes/airport/from-airport/to-bugibba/.

Bugibba has been acting as a region of human settlements since the 4th Millennium BC. It has a small stone temple that has survived till today. You can pay a visit to the arcade relic, and the military battery remains of the order of Saint John.

Locations to visit in Bugibba.

Stroll on promenade

The largest attraction of Bugibba is the promenade located on the seaside that stretches for almost 3.5 kilometres. It is located between Saint Pauls Bay and Qawra. If you are looking to relax your mind and go for a peaceful walk amidst nature, this is the location you should choose.

Go to Saint Paul’s island.

As per Christian folklore and local regions, the scent was island is the location where the shipwreck of Saint Pauls’s ship occurred. Boats are available for booking from nearby harbours. You can take a trip to this island and come back within a few hours.

Visit Bugibba harbour

Do not miss out on checking the Bugibba harbour. It may be a small Marina, but it shelters many fishing boats with Maltese symbols colourfully painted on them.

Stony shores

Bugibba has a rocky coastline. This means that there are many rock diving places. You can go for a safe plunge into the Mediterranean sea’s neon blue waters from these locations. If you are looking for a safe location, you can consult the locals for the same.

If you decide to only go to Bugibba and spend your entire vacation there, I will not be surprised. Bugibba has mesmerizing and serene factors that the other locations of Malta, especially the overcrowded ones, do not offer. This is not a location you want to miss out on. No matter how busy or scheduled as make sure you have some time to visit the stone temple of Bugibba. With prestigious hotels and restaurants located in the city, Bugibba is increasing Lee’s popularity as a tourist destination.

Nicholas Jansen