What Is The Best Natural Way To Get Fair Skin?

What Is The Best Natural Way To Get Fair Skin?

Beautiful skin is a blessing and many of us, especially youngsters battle various facial skin related conditions. Acne, blemishes, dark spots, pimples can occur due to different reasons including hormonal changes, overexposure to UV radiation, poor diet and lifestyle habits.

Besides these factors, the natural complexion of the skin is dependant on the pigment called melanin, stimulated by the melanocytes within the skin layers  and it often leads to darker looking skin, whereas the bluish-white connective present under the dermis and the rush of haemoglobin in the veins results in fairer skin.

Agree or disagree, fair complexion is a dream of many and if you are wondering on how to achieve that naturally, here is what you should do!

Kasturi Turmeric:

Kasturi turmeric is a type of turmeric powder available in the Indian market. This variety of turmeric is used extensively in beauty care and it is a time-tested formula to get that bright skin tone. Mix a teaspoon of Kasturi turmeric powder with raw milk and apply it as a thin layer of facemask. Let it dry completely and wash it with plain water, pat dry. Repeat this at least thrice in a week to improve skin complexion.

Gram Flour Mask:

A natural facemask made from gram flour is perhaps the oldest beauty remedy that is still in vogue. Take fine and fresh gram flour, mix it with honey or milk and apply it as a facemask. This not only adds good glow to the facial skin but also lightens dark spots, blemishes and prevents acne.

Tomato and Honey Mix:

All you need is a slice of tomato and a ½ tsp of honey if you are looking for an instant remedy. Tomato contains lycopene which can not only remove suntan instantly but also lighten acne. Honey is loaded with antioxidants, antibacterial properties that can clear dead skin cells and prevent blackspots, fine lines. Mix fresh tomato pulp with raw honey and apply it as a facemask for at least 15 minutes. Wash it gently and pat dry. Repeat it for at least thrice a week to derive your desired results.

Warm Oil Treatment:

Getting an oil massage can serve many purposes right from providing beautiful skin to relaxing you to the fullest. Go for warm oil full body massage, for muscle relaxation and to give that much required nourishment to the skin. A gentle yet firm hot oil massage with almond oil, sesame oil or coconut oil hydrates the skin from deep within, giving it an amazing glow.

Multani Mitti:

Multani mitti or fullers earth is another affordable natural remedy for improving skin complexion. Multani mitti is loaded with minerals like lime, iron oxides that can lighten the skin tone besides providing smoother and softer skin.

Bonnie Baldwin