Why Moona is A Very Useful e-commerce Payment Solution

Why Moona is A Very Useful e-commerce Payment Solution

The fact that every business is unique, Moona is known for giving merchants an option that can assist them to take their business where they want them to go. Whether a merchant is selling retail goods, running a restaurant, booking appointments, etc, Moona has the best support that can support them in addition to meeting their business needs. On the other hand, it ensures that e-shoppers have excellent shopping experience.

For online shoppers, it has been the desire of Moona enhance their shopping experience by offering more services; for instance, cashback, free returns, refund or satisfied guarantee on the products purchased. Moona is interested in launching their new universal credit card to assist in ensuring that their shoppers are enjoying the benefits they deserve.

Moona Accepts Various Forms of Payments

Moona accepts different types of payments. It gives you an opportunity to pay for goods and services using your credit or debit cards. You can as well take orders using your phone or online and manage delivery and pickup points. In other words, it has integrated suite tools to ensure that you enjoy your shopping experience. These tools work together to offer excellent payment services and verification to e-shoppers. On the other hand, they are meant for driving more sales and developing strategic business initiatives for merchants.

Moona for Merchants

Moona has been offering comprehensive and excellent ecommerce payment solutions to different types of enterprises. It assists merchants when it comes catching the waves of technological development. Though the online shopping experience have been suffering from costs, which are in relation to shipping, Moon has been offering solutions, at checkout, free shipping benefits. It gives room for e-shoppers to get free shipping membership through the digital wallet. What is more, the digital wallet makes it possible for online retailers to accept payments as they offer free shipping to their clients.

Reasons You Should Settle for Moona

Moona is a UK based payment solution that has been offering £5 discounts to e-shoppers at each order and at no cost for merchants. Moona is also a renowned and reliable ecommerce payment solution for both merchants and e-shoppers. It offers customized and scalable ecommerce payment solutions with competitive rates. What is more, it has been offering 24/7 technical support and customer service to e-shoppers. Other advantages of using Moona include:

  • Way bigger carts: getting a discount on every order means customers are willing to add more to their carts and come back more often.
  • 100% free solution with no payment fees: as Moona’s model is based on a yearly membership paid by shoppers, the solution is currently 100% free for all merchants.
  • Boosted traffic: shoppers are actively looking for retailers where they can get instant Moona discounts, boosting exposure and traffic to Moona’s network of partners.
  • Secure payments: as Moona uses Stripe, one of the safest payment technologies in the world, its customers are protected against fraud. The solution adds an additional layer of authentication that protects them from liability for fraudulent card payments.

Clare Louise