Why Paris Guided Tours are the Best for Family and Kids

Why Paris Guided Tours are the Best for Family and Kids

Are you traveling to Paris with Family and kids? The best way to make it more enjoyable is by using Paris guided tours. The guides will take you to the most attractive locations that will help the entire family learn and have lasting memories.

Explore the Air Space Museum

Every time that an airplane blasts off the runaway into the air, it reminds us of the long journey that man took to conquer the forces of gravity. And this thrill will be tripled when you visit the Air Space Museum in Paris. Here, you will get the opportunity to meet the legendary Concord. Forget about the normal flight from Paris to New York that takes long eight hours, Concord made it in only 3.5 hours! It was an engineering marvel. So what made it so special? Why was its production stopped? Get all the answers during the amazing tour.

Enjoy Classical Music Concerts in the Château de Grosbois

There is nothing as relaxing as a live performance of classical music by top artists. To make your stay in Paris more enthralling, Paris guided tours will take you to live classical performances at Château de Grosbois. This will be a magical break with performances including recitals by the prize winner of the Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw, Marc LAFORET. Other performers include Karine DESHAYES, and Delphine HAIDAN, and Elisabeth JOYE. This will be an unforgettable moment for the entire family.

Visit the Grosbois Equestrian Training Centre

The Grosbois training center has cut a name in Paris for horse racing. It is considered the Mecca of trotting, and people travel from all over the world to be part of it. Therefore, you will be truly enthralled to visit the facility with kids. The facility is a 412-hectare site with impressive daily workouts and can host an amazing 1500 horses in winter race competitions. Between October 2019 and February 2020, more than 150 races will take place in the center.

Other attractions in the Grosbois training center include a Chateau that is categorized as a historic moment for harness racing.

To enjoy everything described here and other attractions, make sure to book a guided tour here.

Clare Louise