Why you should smoke CBD?

Why you should smoke CBD?

The popularity of CBD now has given people another option for well-being.  Consumers now have a variety of different ways and options when it comes to taking CBD.  The options are plentiful when it comes to how you take it.

The most common way to take CBD is with a tincture.  A tincture is a bottle with CBD and a dropper.  People generally take it one or two times a day to get their daily dose.  While this is the most popular way, this might not be the best.  Some common complaints people say is that the taste of CBD is not great.  CBD has an earthy taste to it.  While some vendors mask this with additional flavors, it still is not great to take.

To battle this issue, CBD also comes in capsules or gummies.  Taking CBD this way removes the unwanted bad taste.  While this is easier, it is not the best.  Taking CBD by a tincture or capsule have their disadvantages.  One of the main disadvantages is time and potency.  Both methods are oral and CBD is absorbed via the stomach.  A lot of the potency is lost while CBD is digested through your system.  You are actually getting less CBD than what is noted on the bottle.  The second disadvantage is time.  It takes time for your body to digest the CBD.  Customers have to wait patiently for the CBD to work.

This is why you should smoke CBD.  The slow rise of smoking CBD products are hitting the shelves.  Vendors like Hemp86 are offering flower CBD cigarettes.

You can now take CBD with a cigarette, preroll or vape.  All of these products allow you to take CBD directly into your lungs.

Prerolls are just cones (like a joint) with CBD in it.  CBD cigarettes look exactly like a traditional cigarette.  You light up these products and smoke.  With vape, CBD juice is added to the vape juice.  You would just fill up your vape device and vape.  Most if not all devices can be filled with CBD vape juice.

By smoking CBD, you are getting CBD almost directly into your system by the blood vessels in the lungs.  This is one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of CBD.  It bypasses your digestive system.  For those looking for quick relief, you should smoke CBD.

Of course, smoking is not for everybody.  Some people do not like the smell of hemp (can smell like cannabis).  Plus the negative effects of combustion.  This is a great option for those already smoking traditional cigarettes or vaping.  The option of CBD vape juice is wide.  Most vape juice vendors are now making a CBD version of their vape juice.

The last reason why you should smoke CBD is the concentration of CBD.  Hemp containing CBD used in smoking is all full spectrum CBD.  Full Spectrum CBD gives you the most benefits compared to other types of CBD such as Isolates.

For people looking for maximum relief and quickest results, smoking is the way to go.  We hope you found this useful.



David Lockhart