4 Beautiful Beaches in Bali  

4 Beautiful Beaches in Bali   


Bali has many nicknames, such as the Island of the Gods, the Island of a Thousand Temples, and so on. It makes Bali the center of tourism in Indonesia because of its natural beauty. However, many still don’t know the best time to go to Bali.

One of the best times to visit Bali is during the dry season. It will be easier to explore if you see it in the dry season because the route will usually be slippery and disturbing during the rainy season. Besides that, you can also be satisfied visiting the beautiful beaches in Bali.

List of Beaches in Bali

If you already know when the next time to visit Bali is to know what Bali has? Bali is synonymous with beautiful and beautiful beaches. It is effortless to find beaches in Bali because they are scattered everywhere. Below are some recommendations for beaches in Bali that you can visit.

  1. Karma Beach

Karma Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, with white sand and turquoise-colored seawater. In addition, Karma Beach is also very clean, so remember not to litter there! Karma Beach is a private beach, and there is also a club. Previously, this beach was still quiet, but many foreign tourists have started visiting. To get to the beach, you must be willing to go down some stairs, which can feel a bit tiring.

  1. Nyang-Nyang Beach

Shift to Uluwatu, which also has beautiful beaches such as Nyang-Nyang Beach. Nyang-Nyang Beach is one of the hidden beaches in Bali, which visitors still desert. To be able to reach the beach, you have to be willing to go down a rather long white sandy road.

Of course, it is very tiring. Therefore, you should bring your lunch there. The location is still tranquil; you can invite friends to go there, don’t be alone! Activities that you can do are picnics or barbeque. But you have to be careful because there are many monkeys on this beach, so better not to visit it alone.

  1. Dreamland Beach

The beach whose beauty is not inferior to the previous two beaches is Dreamland Beach. This beach is located in the southern part of the island of Bali or the Pecatu area. The beauty of this white sand beach can be seen from the top of the cliffs. The location of Dreamland Beach is also a bit difficult to find, so you should invite people who have been here before.

  1. Kubu Beach

Kubu Beach is also one of the beaches that must be included in your travel list. Kubu Beach is the same as Dreamland Beach, which is a bit hidden, but as a guide, this beach is close to Ayana Resort. You can enjoy Kubu Beach’s beauty from the top of the rock cliffs; the color of the seawater is crystal clear with shady trees around it.

It turns out that there are many hidden Bali beaches on this Island of the Gods. Visiting here will bring a pleasant personal experience because you can see the beauty of Bali directly through the beaches.

Edward Powell