5 Quick & Easy Steps to Sell Your Old iPhone Online

5 Quick & Easy Steps to Sell Your Old iPhone Online

There are more than a billion users of iPhone worldwide in 2022. This shows the strong market base of Apple smartphones. It gets increasingly strengthened with the launch of more and more advanced iPhones. Say, you currently use iPhone 7. If you have your eyes on a new model, it’s best to sell your old iPhone 7 to raise funds for the new purchase. Can you sell your phone online? Certainly. For that, here are 5 quick and easy steps to follow. 

Back-Up Your iPhone

Remove unimportant apps and back up the data of the others. Social media apps like Facebook and Twitter save information about you on their servers. You can retrieve it any time after logging in. 

You can back up on iCloud by visiting Settings, selecting your name, tapping iCloud, choosing iCloud Backup and clicking on Back Up Now. To back up on your Mac or Windows PC: 

  • Connect your phone to the device using a USB cable. 
  • Choose the iPhone on Finder’s sidebar or in iTunes. 
  • Click on Back Up Now.  

Unpair Your Devices

If your Bluetooth speakers, Apple Watch or AirPods are paired with your device, unpair them before you sell your old iPhone 7 to prevent them from automatically connecting to it. Go to settings, switch on Bluetooth, tap the info icon beside every paired device and click on Forget This Device. 

To unpair your Apple Watch: 

  • Hold it near your phone. 
  • Visit the Apple Watch app. 
  • Choose the My Watch tab.
  • Press All Watches.
  • Click on the info button beside the devices to be unpaired.
  • Select Unpair Apple Watch. 

Log Out of the Apps and Sign Out of all Accounts

You must log out of your apps and then uninstall them. Then your phone’s access to these apps will be removed. Go to Settings> Contacts/Mail/Calendar> Accounts. Next, remove the accounts. 

Also, sign out of iMessage and FaceTime. Visit Settings> FaceTime/Messages. Toggle it off. 

Sign out of iTunes, App Store and iCloud by signing out of your Apple ID. Then your old phone cannot access your Apple account. Visit Settings, choose your name and press Sign Out. 

Erase All the Data

As you’ve backed up your data, it can be erased now before you sell your phone. Go to Settings, click on General and choose Transfer or Reset iPhone. Press Erase All Content and Settings and choose Continue. 

For a more secure data erasure, you can opt for a certified data wipe offered by a reputed seller. The data will be sanitised in 2-3 minutes in your presence with globally approved software to prevent a data breach. It often requires a small fee. 

Remove Your SIM Card and Remove Your Phone from Trusted Devices

Destroy your old SIM if you want to take a new SIM card for the new phone. If you have an eSIM, you can ask your carrier to transfer their services to the new owner. If your old phone is carrier-locked, you can ask the carrier to unlock the device. This way, you can improve its resale value and the buyer can use the phone using any desired carrier. 

Next, you must remove your old phone from your trusted devices so the buyer doesn’t get bothered by an Apple ID verification code time and again. Plus, it can no more be used as a medium for your two-factor authentication. Also, the buyer then can’t access your Apple services like iCloud. 

Visit the website of the seller to check the reselling parameters online before you sell your old iPhone 7. Choose a seller that has tie-ups with multiple partner merchants to offer you the best price. 

Nicholas Jansen