8 Bad Habits That Make Your Skin Age Prematurely

8 Bad Habits That Make Your Skin Age Prematurely

The skin is the largest organ in our bodies. It literally covers us from head to toe and is the first thing that other people see about us. It plays a vital role in protecting our bodies from the elements, and harmful substances that can pose dangers to our health.

Knowing the proper way to take care of our skin is one way of keeping our bodies healthy and functioning correctly. Taking the time out to visit Medspa Ogden and getting aesthetics treatments Ogden is also a good idea to help maintain our skin looking and feeling good. It’s also a good idea to know a few tips on what to avoid to benefit our skin.

Here are eight bad habits that make your skin age prematurely.

1. No sun protection

Spending a lot of time out in the open without any kind of sun protection is a no-no. Not only will you risk getting sun damage, but your skin may also end up looking older than it really is. Aesthetics treatments Ogden can address sun damage you may have, but keep in mind that wearing sunscreen, UV protection clothing and staying out of the sunshine is still recommended.

2. Wearing makeup in bed

Getting regular treatments at Medspa Ogden is a good idea to keep your skin clean and healthy, but you should also do your bit in keeping it clean. No matter how tired you are, always make an effort to remove all of your makeup before sleeping at night.

3. Too much exfoliating and washing

Have you ever wondered why the technicians at Medspa Ogden are always so careful and gentle when they touch you? This is because although your skin is a tough barrier, you should also be gentle with it to keep it healthy. Don’t believe the ads that say you have to scrub your face like you would your kitchen floor.

4. Focusing only on one area

Yes, we greet people with our faces, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take care of the skin on the rest of our bodies. While your face may need a bit of special care, you should also remember to clean and maintain the skin on your arms, legs, back, tummy, the whole lot. This will save you on aesthetics treatments Ogden in the future.

5. No sleep

Lack of sleep not only messes with our heads but our skin as well. We need sleep to give our skin the chance to repair itself to make us ready for the next day.

6. No healthy habits

In order to keep your skin looking its proper age, you need exercise, fruits and veggies, and food with good fats.

7. Drinking and smoking

Aesthetic treatments in Ogden won’t work if you continue to abuse your skin with cigarettes and alcohol. Smoking can lead to more wrinkles, and alcohol ups the inflammation on your skin that can make it sag.

8. Picking at pimples

Leave your pimples and blackheads alone and get aesthetics treatments Ogden to avoid scarring your skin. Not touching them will also help you avoid pushing the bacteria way down inside your pores.

Bonnie Baldwin