Great Gift Ideas for Family Members With Disabilities

Great Gift Ideas for Family Members With Disabilities

Gifting is one of the greatest parts of the holiday season, and giving to your family members (or the pups that they love!) is a great way to show them that you care. But giving to elderly or otherwise disabled members of your family can be a little tricky. Finding the right gifts for every occasion becomes a far greater task when gifting to a person with disabilities, but this process is all the more meaningful when you get it right for them. Thinking about gift ideas for those who are suffering from dementia or hearing loss is a more involved process, but all the more satisfying when you uncover the perfect present for them.If you’re looking for a holiday gift that will hit home for someone with a disability, read on.

Consider what might make a useful gift.

Giving a useful gift that will improve their quality of life is a great way to show a family member that you care about them. This could be done by designing a home theater for their house, complete with subwoofers and a new projector. If your best friend or family member is a movie-buff, a home theater system will be a holiday gift that knocks their socks off. If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who has a hearing impairment, it could also mean purchasing Oticon hearing aids for them to help improve their ability to converse with their friends and family in difficult listening environments.

Hearing aids are a great gift for family members who are struggling to continue conversing with their loved ones in the ways that they are used to. A diminished capacity for hearing is something that frustrates and alienates older adults, especially for those who have just begun to suffer from tinnitus or other hearing loss issues. The introduction of hearing aids into their daily regimen can get them back in the mix during family gatherings or holiday parties, and make them feel like they are part of the group rather than a spectator from the outside. With an improved sense of sound, they may even be able to hear their favorite music again!

Similarly, a home theater is a great way to hep someone who is looking for a superb hearing experience. By adding a home theater into your loved one’s home, you can liven up their viewing experience with better sound quality, or even targeted speaker layouts that help them internalize the sound that is coming from the movie or television show. A home theater is often included in lists of great holiday gifts for loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s because of the sensory experience that a surround sound system provides to the user. The ability to provide a unique and more potent viewing experience can help your loved one continue to battle against the deteriorating effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Get your loved one a new pup to spark joy.

A furry friend is another great gift idea for those who love animals. A new pooch is a fantastic gift idea because it will provide a level of companionship and unconditional love that is simply unmatched by virtually any other gift you could give someone. For those who have kept pups in their homes before, a dog might make the perfect gift for getting them back into a typical routine of walking and flexing their brain. Dogs have a tendency to improve our happiness and get us moving more than we would without a pet to spend time with. Therefore, dogs make a great option for anyone that requires a bit of assistance getting out of bed or doing some of the crucial tasks that the rest of us take for granted. Dogs provide a carefree sense of happiness that is hard to find elsewhere, and they love their owners unconditionally.

If your parent has moved in with you, the addition of a dog might be a great gift this year as they continue to work toward recovery and continued mobility in the face of mounting physical or health challenges. A dog is also a great way to teach your children about responsibility; young children are almost conditioned to love animals, and bringing a dog into your home to spend time with your ailing parent can create more time for your children to get to know him or her as well. By introducing a pet, you create a new environment in which the pup, your parent, and children all spend an increased amount of time with one another, deepening their relationship in the process.

Think about vacation destinations.

As well, there are plenty of dog-friendly destinations for vacations that you can bring your family on for those who already have a pooch in the home. As a full time caregiver to your family member with Alzheimer’s or dementia, bringing the family pet on a vacation is a great way to get out of the house and take in some relaxation time at the beach or mountainside cottage. A change of scenery, and one that you can bring your whole family to (including pets) is the best way to give your loved one a relaxing time of peace and healing. Removing them from their routine and usual environment can be a life changing experience for those who are dealing with a disability. Vacation is great for the mind and spirit, and this goes for those who are elderly just like your young children.

Giving presents to your disabled family members doesn’t have to be a difficult proposition. Think simple, and give them gifts that improve their quality of life. Whether it’s a hearing device or a home theater, they’ll be grateful for getting the perfect gift.

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