How to get approval for catering license in Dubai

How to get approval for catering license in Dubai

Dubai is famous for tourism and also well known as the best trading center. For trading People from all over the world, also come for vacation and tourism; which create a high requirement for foodstuff industry; like restaurant, cafeteria and coffee shop and food vendors. If you wish to establish a catering business in Dubai; then basically you can provide fresh meals to airline customers and shops, schools, and hospitals; to birthday parties as well as corporate and wedding events?

If you are a housewife and also you are interested in food making; in addition, you hope to give a professional look to your cooking skills or you love cooking moreover want such skills to convert it into a business. If this is what you want then get ready for the catering business in Dubai.

If you are searching for How to get a catering license Dubai; then keep in view the rules and regulations in the workplace. Even if you are starting in a free zone; you still need to hold on to municipality rules as well as free zone regulations.

You need permits from the food control department to start a catering business Dubai; which needs certification such as copies of trade license, health safety certifications, and employee health cards lab test reports along with a no-objection certificate.

Don’t allow all these to put a damper on things you. This is a growing industry, in cities that have catering service provider demand up to great coverage.

Costs of catering business in Dubai

The organization of a catering business plays a significant role in a startup, based upon your decision. You will need to give attention to some factors in the starting stage; the costs of your catering license Dubai fee along with visas more over the rental of place and financial requirements for furnishing kitchen.

Catering license Dubai information

Business Activity Code: 521108

Business Activity Group: Foodstuff supply (catering)

Business License Type: Commercial

Business Activity Description: getting a catering license Dubai will allow you to fit into place in the field of food and beverages; which are on bond with shipping companies, schools, institutes, Airlines Company, and hospitals additionally contractors with own kitchen and arrange fresh meals cook. Such a catering business must own essential facilities to perform the catering services.

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