Party bus rental price: how much do you need pay?

Party bus rental price: how much do you need pay?

Did you dream of organizing an evening in an atypical place? Toronto party bus concept is on the rise, especially in large cities. Whether it’s for a bachelorette party, a graduation party, a birthday or a corporate event, you are going to make people happy. On average, the rental price of a Toronto Party Bus varies depending on several factors, such as destination, hiring hours, purpose of hiring, facilities, etc. However, the service is affordable and you don’t need to cut off any of your friends from the guest list.

But what exactly is a party bus?

Well, it’s a prestigious bus, specially fitted out to host private events. Lights, sound system and seats, everything is designed to recall a disco atmosphere. You feel the entire Las Vegas Disco atmosphere inside. The party buses follow a route defined by you and offer your guests a surprising experience. Each bus can transport a maximum of forty people.

What services do party buses offer?

Each party bus rental company offers packages that generally correspond to recurring demand. You will be chartered by a bus with driver, equipped with toilets and changing rooms for a limited period of time: it can be two, three, even five or six hours. A meeting place is set to collect your guests and then the party begins. The party bus will follow the route you have defined and will make a few stops at key tourist points. Then at the end of the evening, your guests will be disembarked at the place of your choice.

The party bus companies provide their customers with extra services such as entertainment by a DJ, karaoke rental, the services of a security guard or a professional photographer / videographer and a catering service. If you want to rent an economy party bus, opt for the party bus only with a driver. You are free to bring something to feed your guests. Keep in mind that a rental during the week and during the day will always be cheaper than a rental at the weekend or in the evening. Also some companies do not charge the package, but rather charge on a price per person basis.

Rent a bus with driver for your birthday

Want to simplify your life for transporting your birthday party? Rent a bus with driver. Renting a bus for a group saves you many organizational problems and pays off very quickly. Renting a party bus for a birthday saves you the usual headache of coordinating multiple cars or finding affordable train tickets that would allow you to sit next door.

You may need to have the bus available beyond the simple return trip to the anniversary venue. You just have to tell the service provider when booking that you want the bus. The driver stays by your side to take you from stage to stage. One day, one week or more, all configurations are possible to organize a tailor-made birthday party. The bus rental can allow you to take all the guests to the place of the celebration. You choose the point of departure and destination. 

Bonnie Baldwin