What Documents Do I Need to Ship a Car?

What Documents Do I Need to Ship a Car?

You’re getting ready to ship your car, and you want to make sure everything goes smoothly. Shipping a vehicle can be a stress-free experience if you have all the necessary documents in order. To get started, several pieces of information must be gathered before filling out shipping paperwork.

Knowing what documents are essential for transport will save time and eliminate hiccups at pick-up or delivery sites. It’s best to use reputable companies who understand the challenges associated with shipping vehicles long distances so that they can ensure secure transportation every step of the way!

Bill of Lading

When shipping a car, you’ll need to fill out and provide a bill of lading. This document serves as your contract with the auto shipper. It lists important details such as pick-up and delivery locations, services requested, and vehicle information.

In some cases, this must be signed by both the customer and carrier upon pick-up or shipment completion in order for payment processing to occur. It’s, therefore, essential that all relevant documentation pertaining to an individual transaction is collected accurately before moving forward with any car shipment process.

Insurance Terms and Conditions

You must also ensure that the car shipper has general liability and cargo insurance. Make sure you take copies of what is provided to see if it’s genuine, or consult a professional for advice on verifying their coverage level. Note that these terms will vary from company to company, so compare different insurers before selecting one with ideal coverage for your needs.

Lienholder Authorization

You may also need lienholder authorization for any vehicles with an outstanding loan. The car shipping company will require a letter from the financial institution that issued your loan, permitting them to move your vehicle across state lines and communicate directly with them during this process. Ask the lender if they can email, fax, or mail a copy of their Lien Letter, so it’s ready when you contact the transport service provider.

Absent Owner Authorization

You should also have an Absent Owner Authorization form if the car is owned by someone other than you. This helps to ensure that all legal requirements for shipping a vehicle are met and serves as proof of authorization from the owner, allowing you to transport their car on their behalf.

Additionally, most companies will require this document even if there’s no other party involved in the shipment decision-making or payment process.

Title and Registration

You need to bring the documents that prove you’re the registered owner. Depending on state regulations, this includes a valid driver’s license or passport and title and registration paperwork in your name. Car shipping companies typically require proof of ownership prior to transporting vehicles as part of their policy.

Be sure all vehicle information is up to date before finalizing your shipment with a car carrier company for better service execution!

Proof of Insurance

Before the car is shipped, it’s important to inform your shipping company about proof of insurance. It will help ensure that, in case anything happens during the car transportation process, you will be covered financially. The coverage amount should vary based on vehicle value and shipper policy, so verify before signing any agreement with a carrier.

Photo ID

A photo ID is also important for you to keep with you in case the shipper requires it. It serves as proof of your identity when providing ownership documents, and signatures are needed. The car shipping company may need two forms of identification, so make sure that one includes a photo, such as your driver’s license or passport, before setting up an appointment for pickup.

Having these documents on hand can avoid any delays or problems during transportation. Ensure all paperwork has been filled out properly, too!

Shipping a car requires you to have all the relevant and necessary documents. These include your vehicle title, bill of sale indicating that you legally own the car, proof of insurance for both parties involved in shipping, driver’s license or personal identification card, and applicable forms such as VIN verification. Ghost Pepper Logistics can assist you with understanding what is needed when it comes to getting these documents organized before shipment begins.

We ensure our customers are clear on details like this when transporting their vehicles across state borders and internationally, so there won’t be any issues during transport!

Clare Louise