What makes inspirational rap music a hit? 

What makes inspirational rap music a hit? 

One might say it has to have a certain tempo, certain lyrics, or a specific instrument at the forefront.  The truth is, that “perfect” sync song does not exist.  Imagine Dragons, as good as they are at making film/tv tracks, cannot make something for every single commercial spot.

This is where we at Dark Chocolate Music Publishing International try to help.  We don’t try to be the one stop shop for all your sync music, BUT we do offer something that isn’t found in most music licensing store; real, high-quality inspirational rap music for Youtube, TV, restaurants, and whatever other usage you might be needing.

Our inspirational rap music catalog consists of some songs you may have already heard of!  For instance, our song “Champion, has been used almost 40,000 times on Tik Tok!  Those who’ve used it include the NBA’s official Tik Tok, the Warriors, and countless other big names.  Keep in mind this song was created in 2015, and even in 2022, it is as popular as ever.  This song has also been licensed dozens of times on multiple platforms across over 30 countries.  The universal message of being in control of your own destiny resonates across language and cultural barriers.

Another great song from this catalog is “It’s My Life”.  This song was one of our first tracks introduced back in 2014 and has been used in countless projects ever since.  The song portrays an attitude of not having to answer to society at large for what you decide to do with your life.  The song is a great anthem for those who feel like they are constantly being told what to do, how to do it, and criticized regardless.  At that point, you just have to say “It’s My Life, It’s Whatever.”

To license these and our other royalty free rap songs from $1, feel free to visit:

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Bill Merrow