7 Tips On How To Prepare Your Home For Carpet Installation

7 Tips On How To Prepare Your Home For Carpet Installation

Apart from added warmth and aesthetic appeal, carpet, more importantly, provide protection to your home’s flooring system. If you’ve finally decided to cover your floor with the carpet of your choice, there are things you need to know before the installation begins. This article rounds up seven important tips.

Measure your space. For competent carpet companies to be able to give an accurate quote, they must at least have an idea about the floor area that will be carpeted. Though many reputable carpetcompanies send a pro to measure the space for you, it’s good practice to do it on your own and give an estimate to your contractor beforehand. When discussing with your contractor, also ask about the schedule of the installation.

Empty the room. Set aside enough time to empty your room. This process involves moving all furniture out of the area and safely detaching and storing your electronic appliances’ wirings. If the room has appliances that are linked to water and gas lines, make sure to have them disconnected by a pro before the installation.
Clean it up. After emptying the room to be carpeted, you also need to sweep off or vacuum dust and debris. Apart from health purposes (these minute particles can negatively affect your indoor air quality), cleaning your room up will also prevent any kind of mess from being tracked through your home once the installation process begins. During this phase, you can also remove your baseboards and moldings to make the installation more efficient.

Dispose your old carpet. As your home will soon welcome a new carpeting system, you have to have a plan on how you’ll dispose of the old one. Most carpet companies also offer carpet disposal services, so take time to discuss this matter with your contractor and ask it to be included in your quotation.

Create a workspace. To install a carpeting system, the workers will be needing different tools and equipment. To help them carry out their work efficiently and safely, it’s advisable to prepare a dedicated workspace for them. You can use a nearby room or a garage as a makeshift workstation for the installers.

Pave the way. Expect that your carpet will arrive at your place in a huge roll. Therefore, you have to create a pathway in order for it to be securely transported in the area to be carpeted. You have to devise a thorough plan especially if your home has “irregular” hallways, narrow doors, and sharp corners. You might also have to temporarily remove anything that is at risk of getting damaged during this short transport — including paintings and frames.

Ensure safety. When you’re installing a new carpeting system in your home, bear in mind that safety is a top priority. If you have kids or pets, don’t let them go near the work area — before, during, and for a certain time after the installation process. You also have to be mindful of household members with respiratory diseases — they should also be kept away from the site until the technicians have completely cleaned it.


Edward Powell