9 Activities To Help A Child Cope With The Death Of A Mother

9 Activities To Help A Child Cope With The Death Of A Mother


A young child losing their mother is a tragic and traumatizing experience. The way adults help the child cope with their loss will have a major impact on their lives all the way to adulthood. Although it is a sad topic to discuss, death is a part of reality and must be dealt with, sensitivity.

If your family is grieving the loss of a loving mother, here are a few activities worth trying to help her child cope, grieve, and accept their loss:

1: Talk

It can be hard to open up about the passing of a loved one, but keeping the lines of communication open between yourself and the child is important. Allow them to express their feelings, emotions, and most importantly let them ask questions.

2: Share Stories

A great activity to engage in with the child who has suffered the loss of a mother is to share stories about their mom. It is a nice way to keep her memory alive and remind the child of the love of their mother while she was alive.

3: Create A Memory Box

Give the child memorial gifts for loss of mother such as a keepsake box. Let them place items that hold a special memory they share with their mom. This activity is a heartwarming way to ensure them their mother will always be with them through their memories.

4: Light A Candle

The act of lighting a candle can offer some form of peace to those who are grieving. If the child is old enough to understand the symbolism, let them light a candle for their mother.

5: Display Photos

Never hid photos of their mother, even if you are worried this will trigger sadness. Memorial gifts for loss of mother include dedicated picture frames that can include a special message from mother to child that they can read to comfort them when they are sad.

6: Write In A Journal

Sometimes children can find it hard to say how they feel. Instead of letting them bottle their emotions up, encourage them to have a journal as an outlet. This way they can share all their emotions and thoughts in a healthy way.

7: Start A Ritual

Children who shared a close bond with their mother will feel like something is missing in their life. Set aside a few hours a week to create your own bonding ritual with the grieving child as a way to show your love and support while also honoring their mom.

8: Keep Her Memory Alive

A child should have a lasting memory of their mother, even if they suffered the loss very early on. Create a special journal or photo album dedicated to their mother so they can look back on those moments, even decades after the passing.

9: Grief Therapy

Oftentimes relatives alone cannot help a child process their loss. In cases like these, it is best to seek professional help through grief therapy. This way they can get the help they need to fully come to terms with their loss.


Edward Powell