Tips to make the best of Amman to Petra Trip 

Tips to make the best of Amman to Petra Trip 

Petra is an important trading route for Jordan. The ancient temples, tombs, and sandstone gorge will remind of the intriguing history period. The world heritage site is located at a distance of 150 miles from Amman. If you are planning for a Jordan tour, make sure to experience Amman to Petra trip during your travel. 

Some of the useful tips to make the most of the trip are:

  • Know when to visit

To have a memorable trip experience, make sure to rise before the sun and start your journey early to Petra. It might take you a three-hour ride from Amman to Petra, but you will surely enjoy the exciting ride on the desert highway. An early ride helps you avoid the crowd of the tourist groups and take a better view of the monument without having to face the harsh sun. The breathtaking view of sunrise or sunset is something worth witnessing during your visit to Jordan. 

  • Ways to Reach Petra

You can conveniently rent a car or hire a taxi to reach Petra from Amman. You can also choose to drive a car yourself and enjoy the drive to Petra. You also have another option of air-conditioned JETT coach from Amman to Wadi Musa. 

  • Know what to see

Without a good knowledge of what to see in Petra, your trip from Amman to Petra might not be fully successful. Make sure to have a brief idea of the places to visit in Petra before your trip. The Siq that is a narrow gorge with the rose-colored walls and high cliffs is a beautiful start to witnessing the beauty of Petra. The Al-Khazna, having magnificent sculptures, is the next place to visit. Al-Khazna is one of the most photographed monuments of Petra. 

The next place to visit is the Street of Facades. Then you can move down the Colonnaded Street, the commercial activity center situated in the ancient Petra. The Monastery of Petra is must visit to explore the beautiful views. Make sure to visit the various monuments of Petra, including Black-Winged Temple, Byzantine Church, Temple of Qasr Al-Bint, and the Great Temple. An evening tour of the Petra will offer you a fantastic experience to treasure for life. 

An evening walk through the Siq and the Treasury that is illuminated by a thousand candles will give you a memorable experience of your visit to Petra.

Know the different ways to get around in Petra

Make sure not to leave a single chance to make the most of your Jordan Trip. After reaching Petra, find out the best ways to explore Petra to the fullest. You can enjoy exploring Petra by walking through the sands, rocks, and pebbles. But make sure to put on sturdy walking shoes. In case you get too tired walking, you can also opt to hire a horse, camel, donkey, or even a carriage. The transport systems available in Petra are cost-effective solutions to help you explore the place even more.  


Edward Powell