Alcohol Use and Abuse Among the Youth and Teens

Alcohol Use and Abuse Among the Youth and Teens

Teens are among the highly affected age group regarding alcohol use and abuse. These statistics are no longer shocking as parents and caregivers come to terms with them. Most teens turn to alcohol when faced with issues. Unknown to them, alcohol use sets them against potential addiction and use disorders. With more mitigations, though, the situation can be salvaged. Bringing in experts from Skyward Treatment Centers and other facilities can help.

Signs that your Teen is Addicted to Alcohol

  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Mood swings
  • Fluctuation in eating habits; eating more or less than usual
  • Loss of interest in things they once liked
  • Changing friends frequently
  • Problems at school, i.e., bad grades, skipping class, getting in trouble
  • Spending a lot of time alone, locking themselves in their room or bathroom for long periods
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Lying and stealing
  • Speech changes, i.e., slurred speech or talking unusually fast
  • Poor concentration or focus
  • Having problems with family and friends
  • Violating curfew restrictions
  • Being easily irritated or angry
  • Lack of motivation
  • Changes in appearance; red eyes, dilated pupils

Potential Cause of Teen Substance Abuse

There are several; possible causes that push teens to use alcohol and other drugs. These are outlined below:

Peer pressure

Teens are so impressionable that their peers have a lot of influence on their decision-making. It is important to have your teen grow as an independent individual who takes charge of their thoughts, emotions, and decisions. This way, they are less likely to be influenced negatively and will only do what they are sure of. Falling victim to peer pressure and trying some substances could be the beginning of an addiction problem.

Mental Health Issues

Teens and young adults struggle with lots of undiscovered mental challenges. Such disorders go untreated for years and can burden the teen. When unresolved, the teens seek escapes and may use alcohol to counteract the numbness. The sad reality is that alcohol only works temporarily and leads to addiction in the future.

The Desire to Experiment

One of the biggest undoings that lead teens to trouble is their curiosity. Many have ended up experimenting on things that they didn’t have to. For those with the addiction gene, all it takes is a first-time try, and they are hooked. It is best to stay off such drugs and substances to avoid substance use disorder.

For Improved Performance

This applies mostly to athletes and other performers desiring excellent results. The intoxication can work for a few times until it becomes a burden. The problem arises when one becomes dependent on the drug and fails to function without it. It could even lead to disqualifications on certain fronts. Stimulants also cause serious consequences, such as heart attack, psychosis, anxiety, and hypertension.

Some teens turn to alcohol as a taste of freedom. The fact that they are transitioning to adulthood makes them want to experiment and try things. Unfortunately, this has negative implications. Understanding the risk factors and the potential consequences can help teens avoid drug use.

As for those caught on the web, finding appropriate remedies and getting them started on treatment is crucial; find a facility that accommodates and understands their plight. Skyward is a great partner to consider. Talk to us today to help your teen.

Nicholas Jansen